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PWA Tank Down_small Belmont SY3040 Drill

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The model Cut E 350 NEW replaces the Cut 20P. This machine not only takes up less space, it has a new HMI 19" touchscreen, integrated collision protection (protects your part and machine X, Y, and Z axes), scales, auto restart, power expert, a new generator with a wider range of technology, along with power expert, taper expert, wire expert, and part express.


The Cut E 350 will cut faster and give you a better finish. Our entry-level machine has come a long way. Review it in Holliston, MA now.


Models include:

Drill 20 Form 20 Cut E 350 Polyvalent System

Quality EDM products

Form 20-30 Model Die Sinking Machines offer success-triggering features and excellent performance. They come equipped with GF Machining Solutions' Swiss-made generator and technology and new HMI Windows-based control.


The market’s ultimate product for price and performance in 2 models. It features:

  • Linear tool changer or rotary (optional)

  • Scales

  • C-axis

  • Chiller standard


The following brochures supply you with specifications and description of GF Machining Solutions - Sinker EDM product line:

High-speed EDM Drill 20 Model has an integrated rotary spindle. The X, Y, and Z axes are motor powered and controlled by a Windows-based CNC HMI control. The cast-iron, compact, open-front frame guarantees stability. The data input is quick and simple.


Technology settings are selected automatically by material electrode / piece, piece height, and electrode diameter with a few commands. Options allow you to go to

.004 -.12 electrode range (fine hole drilling option is -.004 - .012 inches). This is suitable for drilling start holes on lead frames and high-speed stamping molds.


It’s a sensible complement to any wire EDM product. Filtration system and DI unit are standard with this model. There is an AC Cam Drill option. An on-board programming system allows you to define multiple hole positions as well as import DXF / IGES / TXT / files. Get all of this at the most competitive price in the class.


The following brochures include specifications and descriptions of the GF Machining Solutions’ high-speed EDM Drill’s product line:

Belmont Equipment & Technologies ZNC EDM machines entered the market when Cincinnati, Ingersoll, Elox, Eltee, hydraulic-type EDMs and ERM-power supplies, and XERMAC power supplies abandoned the market for one reason or another.


The Belmont ZNC line offered a wide range of programmable ZNC controls that could interface with a CNC rotary table and accommodate almost any size work piece imaginable. Today, they have produced thousands of machines, EDMing feather seals, and other aerospace components.


Some models have been custom built for Chaku-Chaku work flow, and overhaul and repair parts with modified tanks with risers and pendant controls. Just ask and you will receive.


The following standard models and brochures offer a general overview of the ZNCs capabilities:


C-frame type:


Gantry-type machines:


Drop Tank Chaku-Chaku

Belmont Equipment & Technologies represents a range of EDM drills to complement today’s market demands. The first step is to meet and obtain an understanding of your goals, objectives, and budgetary constraints.


We offer:

  • Risers

  • Rotary tables

  • Tilt heads

  • Electrode changers

  • Guide changers

  • Optical inspection systems


The SY series allows you to run unattended. A turnkey process is available.


Belmont was founded in 1960 by Ping Ianitelli. Today his sons, Larry and Bob, continue as industry leaders in EDM hole-drilling and ZNC sinkers. If you do aerospace work, please call for a consultation.


The following models and brochures supply you with a good cross-section of machines available:

Belmont MX-236 ZNC

EDM Product Line

Belmont Drills and Accessories